DIY burlap bed skirt

Hey there! Long time no write! So, I’ve come to realize that I do not have enough time to blog all of my awesome crafts around the house :/ Especially now that I’m preggers and all the “free time” I do have, I’m sleeping. Sooo, I re-decorated our master room about, eh, 5ish months ago. I ended up making some burlap curtains, I turned an old $5 mirror from Salvation Army into a vintage-y looking one with burlap all around it and lace, AND I made this burlap bed skirt!


It was EASY!!! NO LIE! I figured I’d share the few steps it took to get this thing completed…

Supplies needed:

  • Burlap material (I used natural, and bought an entire roll from Hobby Lobby for $17 after the 40% discount..score!)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing pins

First things first [I’m the realest] – Cut your fabric in half like so…

         1                       2

I think my bed took about 8 yards, or was it 10? I can’t remember it’s been so long. But I have a king size bed and I just cut 7 yards off the entire roll and added some towards the end…it also depends on how much scrunch you want in the burlap.

Hang the fabric off the side of the box spring until it barely touches the floor (or however long you’d prefer it to be) Place a pin at the corner, bunch up a little fabric to make a scrunch and place another pin…and so on until your entire box spring is covered!

                          5          4                                                        3

I didn’t measure how far in between the creases were, I just placed the pin where ever I thought looked best…the corners were way easier than you’d think. just fold the material over, place a few pins and then keep working.

                     6                                   7

before you know it (or about an hour later, with breaks) you’re getting close to being done!

                8                           9

Don’t mind the mess…I was re-arranging my entire room. And the final product::


THAT’S IT! Very simple! Be sure to send pics/tag my blog if you give it a try! 🙂



DIY canvas look-a-likes


Hello again! Interested in making some SUPER CHEAP canvas look-a-likes?! I’m a huge canvas lover, but personally would never spend $300 on one this size! I wouldn’t even want to spend $50 on a small one. Mostly because I’m cheap, but also because there are SO many different ways to create canvas look-a-likes for little to no money!

This DIY canvas look-a-like literally took me about 40 minutes to do and $20!! And I absolutely LOVE them!! If you’re a crafter you most likely have most of these supplies already at your house, like I did. Here’s what you need to make these for yourself:

• Foam board (from Home Depot or Lowe’s) cut out to the size canvas you would like
• 4 engineer prints. Mine were 2×3 in size (staples will do these for about $4 a piece… NOTE this is only for black and white pictures. I wanted color, but if you want color the price jumps up significantly! To like $80 for one! You can order them offline from any other store you’d like as well) Also, Make sure you order something larger than your foam board so the picture can be wrapped around it.
• Spray adhesive (make sure it works on FOAM! Or else it will eat it away and you’ll be left with tiny holes all over)
• Double sided tape (I picked up some Scotch that worked best for walls without removing the paint with it when you take it down)


1) I took my flash drive to staples and had them print out my 4 pictures. I chose 2×3 but you can go bigger or smaller based off of your foam board size. And if you want more of a close up picture then go bigger and just cut the extras off 🙂

2) My foam boards were already the perfect size, so I just laid the pictures down on the foam and adjusted it to where I’d like to glue it. (MAKE SURE YOU MEASURE THESE BEFORE YOU BUY THE PICTURES SO YOU KNOW YOUR PICTURE WILL FIT. Also you need to make sure your picture is big enough to wrap around the sides of the foam and a little on the back.)



3) I then sprayed the adhesive on half of the board, meanwhile holding my picture up…I laid the picture back down and smoothed it out nicely and adjusted the picture to the perfect spot. Then I did the other half of the picture. Once the entire front was done I let it dry by putting it to the side and working on my other 3 pictures.



4) Once all 4 of my pictures were glued down in the front I started back at the first picture to glue down the sides. I did this part just like wrapping a present. VERY tight on the corners so you could barely tell that there was a little fold there…this picture kind of shows it.


5) After all 4 canvas look-a-likes were done I let them sit for another 10-15 mins just to make sure the back was completely dried before I hung them up on my wall.

6)Lastly, I applied some Scotch tape to the back and stuck them to the wall. 🙂




I hope y’all enjoyed this one as much as I did!! Let me know what cha think!


What’s for dinner?!

Hello again friends and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

I’ve been super duper busy lately with work and two puppies and spending as much time as I possibly can with my husband before he deploys soon….but with that said, I have a really easy one for ya this week! A DIY kitchen menu – check it out:
This is NOT a good picture by any means, this looks like the typed words are dull, but I assure you it looks great in person! 🙂
1. Basically, Grab an old picture frame (or a new one if you’d like) and spray paint it a cool funky color. I had these in my garage from a previous project so I just used this color:
image image (2)  image (4) image (5)
 I had to prime it first since my frame was so dark and the blue color was kind of light. I used a few light coats.
2. Let it dry while you work something up in Microsoft Word like this:
image (6)
3. I had some fancy scrapbook paper in my craft room already (got this one at Hobby Lobby) – just place a regular sheet of printer paper on top of it and cut out the scrapbook paper to fit the frame size (mine was an 8×10 so it was easy).
image (7)
4. Print out your Word document on your fancy paper. If you only have one sheet of paper you may want to practice on a plain white sheet first to test it out and make sure everything is aligned right for your frame. {I just can’t seem to get a good picture of mine, the ink looks really dull here but it doesn’t look this way in person (I’m not a photographer that’s for sure)}
5. I decided to sand down the edges of my frame once it was dried. You know me, I love that worn down look. 🙂 You can skip this step if you’d like and also you may want to add some flowers/glitter/bows to your frame with some hot glue, I decided to keep this one simple so all of my projects don’t look the same. ;P
image (8)    image (10)
Once your frame is ready, place your Word document inside just like you would a picture and write on the glass with a dry erase marker. And there you have it, your weekly menu.  TA-DA that is all!! 🙂
image (9)
  image (11)
Stay tuned for next weeks DIY project!! Have a great weekend!

easy diy necklace!!

This literally is so easy a caveman can do it!! You ready for it??



Here’s what I did:

  1. I took some cheap pearls I’ve had for years – folded them in half and added some ribbon! POW! Genius!!
  2. OPTIONAL: Depending on how stretchy your necklace is, you may want to cut each side once the necklace is bent in half, take some pearls off, tie a knot and then add ribbon… or you can try and stretch the necklace out and place your ribbon in the little space between the pearls. It really just depends on what necklace you’re using, and what you like. Don’t forget to change something up and make it your own =)

Here are some photos for ya’ll!




Image{↑ this was before I realized I needed to cut the end, take some pearls off, and then tie a knot…one of my necklaces had a clasp on it, therefore making a huge gap when it was finished. I fixed it though!}


ImageLet me know what cha think! And don’t forget to share your DIY necklace with me =)