DIY burlap bed skirt

Hey there! Long time no write! So, I’ve come to realize that I do not have enough time to blog all of my awesome crafts around the house :/ Especially now that I’m preggers and all the “free time” I do have, I’m sleeping. Sooo, I re-decorated our master room about, eh, 5ish months ago. I ended up making some burlap curtains, I turned an old $5 mirror from Salvation Army into a vintage-y looking one with burlap all around it and lace, AND I made this burlap bed skirt!


It was EASY!!! NO LIE! I figured I’d share the few steps it took to get this thing completed…

Supplies needed:

  • Burlap material (I used natural, and bought an entire roll from Hobby Lobby for $17 after the 40% discount..score!)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing pins

First things first [I’m the realest] – Cut your fabric in half like so…

         1                       2

I think my bed took about 8 yards, or was it 10? I can’t remember it’s been so long. But I have a king size bed and I just cut 7 yards off the entire roll and added some towards the end…it also depends on how much scrunch you want in the burlap.

Hang the fabric off the side of the box spring until it barely touches the floor (or however long you’d prefer it to be) Place a pin at the corner, bunch up a little fabric to make a scrunch and place another pin…and so on until your entire box spring is covered!

                          5          4                                                        3

I didn’t measure how far in between the creases were, I just placed the pin where ever I thought looked best…the corners were way easier than you’d think. just fold the material over, place a few pins and then keep working.

                     6                                   7

before you know it (or about an hour later, with breaks) you’re getting close to being done!

                8                           9

Don’t mind the mess…I was re-arranging my entire room. And the final product::


THAT’S IT! Very simple! Be sure to send pics/tag my blog if you give it a try! 🙂


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