It’s been awhile…

Hello readers! Happy Friday!

It’s been WAY too long, obviously. Honestly, I got a job. And it’s been keeping me busy 🙂 I haven’t been doing as many projects, but don’t get me wrong I’ve done a few over the past few months. Like this DIY fish tank thingy majiggy:

Before:                                                                                                   After:

IMG_5766                 unnamed (1)

Picked this beauty up from a thrift store for $20! I think it’s supposed to be a microwave stand or some come-bob-err? But I decided to spray paint it, throw some stained wood on the top (because I was afraid the tank would be too heavy for the thin piece of wood that was currently on there), and I got some awesome vintage door knobs from Hobby Lobby as well. Whatcha think?! I think my fishies like it 🙂

I also made this fun colorful collage for the hallway:

unnamed (2)

I painted the submarine and printed out the sayings (I just threw something together in Photoshop for that). This anchor was my first string art project, I took a couple of pictures of this super easy (but time consuming) project. I’ll post that next week for you!

And maybe a few other little things around the house when I had time. A couple of Pinterest fails as well…like these mason jar soap dispensers that we still use everyday (sorry a bit blurry for some reason)…


I wouldn’t say it’s a huge fail, just should have put some more time into spray painting the top so it didn’t chip off every time I press down on it. Bla. But you can find a great (MUCH BETTER than I could make) tutorial here for these!

Besides that, the hubster and I watched a little LOT of Breaking Bad…like all 5 seasons. And I’m pretty much in love with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman<3 Buuuut now I’m in a “no show can ever be better than Breaking Bad” phase. I started Scandal from the beginning, which is good (but no BB!)

Anywho!! Just did this beauty last week, took me about 40 minutes and less than $20!


Stay tuned for a little blog explaining how to do this yourself!! 🙂 [[don’t worry, I’m actually starting to write this one up as we speak you read. So it should be up by the beginning of next week, and not four months from now.]]

OH AND A HUGE PS. —–> thank you SO much to all the ladies and gents out there re-pinning my Pinterest posts!!! I’ve gotten like 200+ re-pins on just this one alone! I feel so loved ☺ and honored that people are creating some of these DIY projects themselves. :))

unnamed (3)

Until next time,


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