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ch-ch-checkkk out this awesome DIY chalkboard sign I made for our guest room!
{new layout, still working with it…you may need to click on pictures to make them bigger}

image (3)

 image (5)

image (6)

Note: This is a Pinterest inspired sign, unfortunately the only ones I could find on there do not have a link connected to them. Therefore,  I cannot link this to the original creator -__- but if she/he sees this let me know and I’ll add your link in here —->

Okie dokie, let’s get started!

What you need:

– MDF board cut down to any size you’d like
(mine was something random like 43″x10″)
– Primer
-Chalkboard paint
-Some sort of picture hanging tools & nails

These are the steps I took in completing this totally rad new sign for our guest room (remember you can change up any and all to make this one your own) ::

  1. Cut down MDF to your preferred size. Or just get Home Depot to do it for you like I didimage (8)
    image (7)
  2. Sand it down as best as you can
  3. I decided to attach the picture hanging thingys before I painted, because if I didn’t I just knew I would have put an hour into chalk lettering and then mess it up by laying it down on the front side…image (2)
  4. Prime it (I used a few small coats)image (1)
  5. Put your chalkboard paint on, small coats a few minutes apart (note: this is my very first time using this chalkboard spray paint and I didn’t have any problems, but I hear from other DIYers that using actual paint and rolling it on is WAY better than this spray paint stuff. Just an FYI) I was too excited and forgot to take a picture of this step.
  6. Wait 24 hours… and the bottle says to “prepare surface for use by rubbing the side of chalk over the entire surface. Erase and chalkboard is ready.”image
  7. Go crazy with whatever design you’d like. There are a ton of links up on Pinterest for “chalkboard lettering”
  8. I hung this one up by using the toothpaste method and it worked wonderful! I love this sign! I love this headboard! I love this chandelier! I just love this entire room! Now all I have to do is get some lamps, and sand down/prime/stain the night stands – stay tuned!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed this one! Let me know what you think 🙂

image (11)

image (5)

image (3)

image (9)



headboard love <3



Ideally, I would have loved to make this out of pallets but my first/second/third attempt at dismantling a pallet was a complete disaster. SO I just made a trip to Home Depot and bought some brand new wood for this project. Check it out!!

Supplies I used:

  • 3 – 1x6x10 wooden boards (had them cut in half right there at Home Depot to make them all 5′ long)
  • Wood Stain (I used Miniwax Special Walnut)
  • random distressing tools such as hammer, screwdriver, nails, screws, etc.
  • Nails (you could use wood screws if you’d like – I personally liked the nail look better)
  • Sander & Hammer


  1. First things first, get to work on distressing your wood. YES, this is a sock in my picture. Fill the sock with nails and screws and bang away at the wood to create something awesome. I took the hammer, screwdriver and even a glass of cold water to my wood. I really enjoyed this part! {I even decided to make a little heart in one spot} Here are some photos of my favorite parts and what it looked like after I stained it. ImageImageImageOR – if you have a curious new pup like I do, you can let them chew it up a little for ya. I tried explaining to her that wood is not good for her, but she kept going back for more. -__-


  2. After you are done distressing the wood, sand it down and start staining.
  3. Wait 24 hard/long hours before you can move onto the next step of hanging it up! Measure out where you’d like the headboard exactly and either nail or screw it in 🙂 I left a tiny little gap in-between each one.
  4. Lastly, put the bed back in front of the headboard and ENJOY your awesome new view!!! It’s just too bad this is in my guest room, because I am in LOVE with this headboard. =]

Overall, this project was very simple and under $30 for me since I already had the sander, stain and nails. It would have been nice to have a second person there to help me hang the first piece of wood, but I figured it out all by myself…so I know you can too! 🙂

Here are a few more pics for ya’ll – let me know what you think! And come back next week for a DIY sign going above this headboard right here!





What’s for dinner?!

Hello again friends and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

I’ve been super duper busy lately with work and two puppies and spending as much time as I possibly can with my husband before he deploys soon….but with that said, I have a really easy one for ya this week! A DIY kitchen menu – check it out:
This is NOT a good picture by any means, this looks like the typed words are dull, but I assure you it looks great in person! 🙂
1. Basically, Grab an old picture frame (or a new one if you’d like) and spray paint it a cool funky color. I had these in my garage from a previous project so I just used this color:
image image (2)  image (4) image (5)
 I had to prime it first since my frame was so dark and the blue color was kind of light. I used a few light coats.
2. Let it dry while you work something up in Microsoft Word like this:
image (6)
3. I had some fancy scrapbook paper in my craft room already (got this one at Hobby Lobby) – just place a regular sheet of printer paper on top of it and cut out the scrapbook paper to fit the frame size (mine was an 8×10 so it was easy).
image (7)
4. Print out your Word document on your fancy paper. If you only have one sheet of paper you may want to practice on a plain white sheet first to test it out and make sure everything is aligned right for your frame. {I just can’t seem to get a good picture of mine, the ink looks really dull here but it doesn’t look this way in person (I’m not a photographer that’s for sure)}
5. I decided to sand down the edges of my frame once it was dried. You know me, I love that worn down look. 🙂 You can skip this step if you’d like and also you may want to add some flowers/glitter/bows to your frame with some hot glue, I decided to keep this one simple so all of my projects don’t look the same. ;P
image (8)    image (10)
Once your frame is ready, place your Word document inside just like you would a picture and write on the glass with a dry erase marker. And there you have it, your weekly menu.  TA-DA that is all!! 🙂
image (9)
  image (11)
Stay tuned for next weeks DIY project!! Have a great weekend!