jewelry organizing time!!


Hello again, since I missed my post last week I decided to post TWO today! Lucky you 😉

Check out this AWESOME DIY earring holder AND necklace holder:



FIRST I’ll show you how to make your own earring holder using these 4 simple items:

  • a picture frame
  • lace
  • hot glue gun
  • tape

STEP 1: take your photo frame and turn it over taking out the glass and cardboard.
STEP 2: cut out a piece of lace to fit the back side of your picture frame.
STEP 3: tape down the lace pulling it as tight as you can so that way it doesn’t look floppy.
STEP 4: then hot glue away! Making sure you keep the lace as tight as possible without ripping it (I just left my tape attached to it because I’m lazy, but you can remove it if you wish)
STEP 5: once the glue is dry, attach your earrings and either hang up your picture frame or display it wherever you’d like to. HINT: if you wear earrings a lot I wouldn’t hang it up, because it could get annoying really quick having to take it down every time you want to put a pair on…I don’t wear earrings very often at all that’s why I hung mine up 🙂

PS. I bought my picture frame from Hobby Lobby for about $10. But you can always paint an old frame any color you’d like for this project.

Here are some photos for ya:




ALRIGHTY, and NEXT I’ll show you how to make your necklace holder!

I picked up a few pallets awhile back, and they were too old and rusted to get much out of them….but with one of the pieces I did manage to get off in one piece I decided to make this:

ImageI should really stop doing projects late at night, gain a little more patience and take photos in the daylight for you guys. I was just WAY TOO excited to post this 🙂

Here’s what cha need:

  • a piece of pallet (or just a brand new piece of wood)
  • stain
  • knobs (got mine at….what for it….Hobby Lobby)
  • drill and dremel rotary tool

STEP 1: sand down your wood and stain it. I used Minwax Wood Finish since it was something I already had in the garage.


STEP 2: after the stain is dry, sand it down and measure out where you’d like your knobs to go, mark them, and drill holes.


STEP 3: I used my Dremel rotary tool to cut off the ends of the knobs so that way I could hang it on the wall. The hubster wanted to give it a try so I got an awesome shot of him wearing my sunglasses as safety goggles ;P


STEP 4: Hang it up! Hang some necklaces on it and call it a day 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed this one as much as I did! Let me know what cha think!!



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