easy diy necklace!!

This literally is so easy a caveman can do it!! You ready for it??



Here’s what I did:

  1. I took some cheap pearls I’ve had for years – folded them in half and added some ribbon! POW! Genius!!
  2. OPTIONAL: Depending on how stretchy your necklace is, you may want to cut each side once the necklace is bent in half, take some pearls off, tie a knot and then add ribbon… or you can try and stretch the necklace out and place your ribbon in the little space between the pearls. It really just depends on what necklace you’re using, and what you like. Don’t forget to change something up and make it your own =)

Here are some photos for ya’ll!




Image{↑ this was before I realized I needed to cut the end, take some pearls off, and then tie a knot…one of my necklaces had a clasp on it, therefore making a huge gap when it was finished. I fixed it though!}


ImageLet me know what cha think! And don’t forget to share your DIY necklace with me =)


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