easy diy necklace!!

This literally is so easy a caveman can do it!! You ready for it??



Here’s what I did:

  1. I took some cheap pearls I’ve had for years – folded them in half and added some ribbon! POW! Genius!!
  2. OPTIONAL: Depending on how stretchy your necklace is, you may want to cut each side once the necklace is bent in half, take some pearls off, tie a knot and then add ribbon… or you can try and stretch the necklace out and place your ribbon in the little space between the pearls. It really just depends on what necklace you’re using, and what you like. Don’t forget to change something up and make it your own =)

Here are some photos for ya’ll!




Image{↑ this was before I realized I needed to cut the end, take some pearls off, and then tie a knot…one of my necklaces had a clasp on it, therefore making a huge gap when it was finished. I fixed it though!}


ImageLet me know what cha think! And don’t forget to share your DIY necklace with me =)




Are you tired of putting your dogs leash’s and/or collars on your tables, couches, or just tossed all over the place? Well this just may be the project for you! I know we could go out and buy something that says “DOG” written across it with 3 little hooks, but I wanted mine to be a little more personable with maybe a name or a picture attached to it. So I came up with this:


Wanna know how I did it? Well it was very simple! All you need is a cute pup like mine and the following supplies:

  • a wood plaque of any size or shape you’d like {got mine at Hobby Lobby – YUP!}
  • acrylic craft paint – two different colors – whatever colors or brands you’d like. I like to use whatever dries fastest because I can be impatient during this step.
  • painters tape
  • three knobs of your choice {again, I got mine at Hobby Lobby}
  • super glue
  • 4×5 picture frame
  • ribbon
  • a super cute puppy [optional]

Remember, you can always change up any of these steps and supplies to make it your own unique style =)

This was also an older project of mine, therefore I didn’t get a TON of pictures for ya. But it’s still pretty easy with just the instructions.

  1. first things first – painting your wood plaque! This is the shape I decided on for this project:  Image I began by painting the entire plaque with white acrylic paint. After about 30 mins I gave it another coat and let it dry for about an hour.
  2. after the second coat of paint was dried I taped of the plaque with painters tape about every               1 ½ inches to paint some green stripes on there. You can paint chevrons, stars, hearts, UFO’s, whatever your little heart desires =) Then I let that dry for a couple of hours.
  3. after my plaque was finished drying I then measured out exactly where I wanted my knobs to go, marked it with a pencil, and super glued them right on! As simple as that! (if only! I actually tried to drill holes through the plaque and screw the knobs in the back, but the plaque started bending and splitting in a few places. SO then I tried what any normal DIYer would: I pulled out my hot glue gun. That wasn’t smart. The knobs were falling off two minutes into the glue drying. I finally decided this was a job for super glue! You’re welcome!!)
  4. after my whole knob experience was over I went to my printer and fed it some glossy photo paper for my itsy bitsy photo frame (normally I wouldn’t recommend printing your own picture because most of the time it turns out blurry, but for something as small as this one it worked just fine)
  5. I cleaned the inside glass of the photo frame about 7 times before I placed my photo in there (OCD much?) and then placed the cardboard back in behind the photo and super glued the frame right onto the wood plaque. Easy peasy! Just make sure you measure out the middle of the plaque and once you have it centered where you want it you’re good to glue away.
  6. finally, I cut some ribbon and super glued that to the back of the plaque. I decided to super glue it in two different places and just tie a bow at the top…but you can do this however you’d like.
  7. hang the plaque up, add some dog leash’s to the knobs and BAM! You’ve just completed your own personal dog leash holder!

Whatcha think??!

Image                                         Lola seems to like love it! ;PImage










Can’t wait to share my next project with ya’ll! Have a great week!


a little glamour for your front door


Alrighty folks, this project was one of my first DIY projects and let me tell you, it twas EASY! Since it was one of my first, I only have the final picture. Bare with me here, my newer DIY projects will have tons more pictures for you.

All you need is:

  • an old picture frame
  • a foam or lightweight letter (got mine at Hobby Lobby -> no surprise there)
  • yarn
  • hot glue gun
  • ribbon
  • wreath hanger
  • and any other accessories you’d like to add.

After you’ve got all of your supplies together, follow these next steps and don’t be afraid to do things a little different to make it your own unique craft. =)

  1. BEWARE: the looongest part of this project: wrapping your letter with yarn. I started at the bottom of my letter. Wrapped, wrapped, took a break, ate some Oreo’s, wrapped some more, took another break…and well, you get the point.
  2. after you’re done wrapping, take the back and glass out of your photo frame (you can paint and sand down the frame any color you’d like)
  3. grab the hot glue gun and glue some ribbon to the back of your letter (this could be in one place or two places depending on what letter you are using)
  4. now you’re going to hot glue the ribbon to the back of the frame (where nobody can see it) and tie a bow at the top.
  5. add as many flowers, glitter, or bedazzle you’d like. TA-DA! You’re DONE! And you have an awesome new accessory for your front door! =)

Don’t forget, you can change up any of these steps and make it your own style! Enjoy your new project and let me know whatcha think! =)



Want a little sneak peak for next weeks project???


a little pallet love. ❤


A very quick HELLO!

Hello there friends!

A quick shout out to my friend Jen for begging me (not really) to start up a blog full of all the arts and crafts I do around my house. I, as many others, love me some Pinterest and decorating the house for cheap! I’ll share my projects with ya’ll as they come. I hope you enjoy them! And don’t forget to leave some lovin’ underneath the posts =)